Traditional Products


Bagòss is the typical cheese of the village of Bagolino, which is about 13 km from our restaurant. This is a hard, round cheese (diameter 40-55 cm, height 10-12 cm, weight 16-20 kg), which, when ripe, tends to break into flakes. The colour is straw yellow, due to the addition of saffron.

The aroma is typical of mature cheese: persistent, with clear notes of saffron. The taste is intense, delicate and persistent.

The production of a whole cheese weighing 16-20 kg requires three hours of work. Bagòss can only be sold after a maturation period of several months.
During maturation, each cheese must be turned and brushed every 10 days and must also be treated with flaxseed oil.

Nostrano della Val Trompia PDO cheese

Our Val Trompia cheese is very persistent, with a flavour reminiscent of mountain herbs. It takes the name of Nostrano Val Trompia PDO since, evem today, it is only produced in this area of the valley using milk frpm the Bruna Alpina breed of cattle. It must mature for at least 12 months and then be branded Nostrano della Val trompia DOP.

Our territory is also home to other delicacies such as Collio cheese, Lodrino mozzarella and mine-aged cheese, in addition to the typical local wines. Do not miss the guided tour of Alpeggi, with the option to see local products being produced (Bagòss, cheese and jams of Val Trompia, etc.), and the guided tour of the wine cellars of the area, where you can taste the delicious wines of Franciacorta, Botticino and Lake Garda.

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