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Alpine Lakes

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Lake Iseo
With its fascinating Montisola island, Lake Iseo is wedged between the provinces of Brescia and Bergamo, among mountains and hills to be discovered. You will delight in exploring small villages and atmospheric hamlets, which in the summer season come alive with dance shows, regattas and many initiatives to promote local culture and gastronomy.

Lake Garda
Lake Garda is the largest of the Italian lakes. To the south it is surrounded by the morainic hills left by retreating glaciers, while to the north it is surrounded by high mountain ranges that give it the shape and typical course of a fjord. The mountains themselves protect it from the meteorological influences of the north, thus making its climate particularly mild and Mediterranean. The brightness of the environment, together with the sweetness of the climate and a rich vegetation, consisting mainly of olive trees, palm trees, lemons, oleanders – not to mention the grandeur of the landscapes – make it certainly the most attractive of the Italian lakes.

Lake Idro
On the border with Trentino, Lake Idro is surrounded by spectacular mountains that offer trails and a variety of ways to practice sports such as motorcycling, mountain biking, climbing and trekking. Visiting Lake Idro as part of your stay at the Dosso Alto Hotel is a perfect way to spend a day surrounded by greenery.


Baremone Pass
The Baremone Pass, also known as the Marè Pass, is located at 1,450 m asl and is part of the Croce Domini Pass, between Val Sabbia and Val Trompia (BS). The Crocedomini Pass connects Lake Idro with the Maniva Pass where our Hotel is located.

Crocedomini Pass
Croce Domini is an alpine pass located in the Central Alps at 1892 m.a.s.l. It is one of the most beautiful and challenging passes of the Alps, one of those hills that give great satisfaction to those who conquer them.
The area is ideal for challenging and stimulating climbs, immersed in the mountains close to the well-known and fascinating Adamello group.

Maniva Pass
The Maniva Pass (also called Giogo del Maniva) is an Italian alpine pass in Lombardy at 1,664 m asl. It represents the natural border between Val Trompia and Val Sabbia.
The Maniva Pass is a renowned tourist area of Lombardy, with opportunities for all ages and throughout the year. Here you can take exciting walks and hikes between the mountains and the alpine lakes, you can practice many sports and discover the artistic and natural beauties that the surrounding valleys offer. Maniva Pass is home to the Dosso Alto Hotel.

From Maniva Pass to Baremone Pass there are several excursions. The main attractions are the Corna Blacca (2000 m), the Forte di Cima Ora and the Rocca d’Anfo complex, a Napoleonic fortress of considerable historical and military interest

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